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East Aurora, NY Coin Dealer

Our Business

East Aurora Village SealClassic Rarities offers a variety of numismatic services. We liquidate coin collections (either raw or certified) by purchase or consignment, we buy bullion-related bars or coins, and we appraise coin holdings and offer consultation both at an hourly rate. We’ll also submit your own coins to major grading services on your behalf. All with respect for your privacy and confidentiality.

We also wholesale a variety of coins. US Silver dimes, quarters and half dollars 1964 and earlier, silver dollars 1935 and earlier, Kennedy half dollars 1965 – 1970, old coin albums, all gold coins US and foreign, US mint sets, proof sets, commemorative coins, silver and gold eagles and bars, wheat pennies and other valuable coins.

East Aurora

History is an intrinsic property of our business. We find it pays to know your service area well when you’re dealing with collectibles that can be a product of that history. In our service area is the village of East Aurora, NY. East Aurora was founded in 1804 and incorporated in 1874, just southeast of Buffalo. The village has a storied history for such a small town, true of much of the greater Buffalo area.

President Millard Fillmore, who succeeded Zachary Taylor, lived for a time in East Aurora. The house he built there while practicing law in the beginning of his political career is currently maintained by the Aurora Historical Society and is an attraction in the area. The structure dates from 1825 and has been restored to that era.

The Roycroft movement started in East Aurora, a 20th century craft collective that shaped a large portion of early 20th century architecture and design. The Roycroft movement’s founder was Elbert Hubbard. Hubbard and his wife died aboard the Lusitania in 1915, but the Roycroft movement continued to draw people to East Aurora for many years. Hubbard’s original print shop was converted to the Roycroft Inn to support the growing amount of traffic coming to East Aurora to visit and participate in the movement.

Serving East Aurora

Classic Rarities does on-site appraisals in a service area that includes East Aurora. We do purchases and appraisals at your home, bank or office. Our knowledge of both coin values as well as history will help us properly evaluate your coins and purchase or take for consignment. If you prefer to come to us, it’s a short drive to our shop in Buffalo, where we’re available by appointment.

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