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Grand Island SealClassic Rarities is a rare coin and old currency wholesaler and consulting service in Buffalo, NY. Our extensive knowledge and expertise allows us to best serve the needs of the area. We offer numismatic services to all the towns around Buffalo. You can visit us in our shop or we can come to you in our service area, both by appointment. We are knowledgeable about not only the details of rare coins and historic currency but the history of the towns we serve as well.

Serving Grand Island, NY

Grand Island is the largest island in the Niagara River. On and the island and just upstream from Niagara Falls, the town of Grand Island has an interesting history. Written history dates back as far as the early 17th century, when French explorers met members of the Neutral Nation of Native Americans living on the island.

In 1764, as a part of the treaties following the French and Indian War, the island was ceded to the British. After the American Revolution, New York State paid the Seneca nation an additional $1000 and $500 annually for the rights to the island. Technically, as decided in a later 20th century court case, the US already owned rights to the island and the purchase of the rights was a means of avoiding conflict with the Seneca.

In the early 19th century, Mordecai Manuel Noah made an effort to make Grand Island a Jewish Homeland to be named Ararat. After a ceremonial keystone laying, though, the dream never became a reality. The current township was later formed on the island after splitting off from Tonawanda.

In 1945 there was a brief plan to make Grand Island a World Peace Capital, with the UN headquarters on a nearby island inside Ontario. The plan was scrapped and the UN headquarters was instead founded in New York City, where it still is. In fact, there are no customs services or border crossings on Grand Island. The two routes onto the island lead only onto the New York mainland.

Classic Rarities – Coin and Currency Services

History is just a part of our knowledge. Numismatics is the collection and study of currency. Classic Rarities will liquidate by purchase or consignment any coin collection, raw or certified. We also offer appraisal and consultation by the hour, or at no cost if we decide to purchase your owns directly. We can also be your agent when dealing with the major grading services. With all our services comes our respect for your privacy and confidentiality. Please call or write to set up an appointment with us!

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