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Clarence Town SealClassic Rarities is a rare coin and old currency dealer. We are proud to include the historic town of Clarence in our service area. We provide a variety of numismatic–currency-related–services to the entire Buffalo area, as well as Clarence. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of both our service area and the history of coins and currency.

We provide a variety of services. We can buy your coins and coin collections outright, take them for consignment, or handle them on your behalf for the process of getting them certified. We buy many individual rare coins as well as commemorative sets, gold and silver eagles and bars and other bullion-related items. We will also consult on coin-related matters and appraise holdings, both at an hourly rate. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment or ask a question. You can come to our shop in downtown Buffalo or we can visit you at your home, bank or office.

Clarence, NY History

The natives called the area where Clarence now lies “Place of Hickory Bark.” Clarence, NY was the first town established in Erie county, in 1808. Many other towns, villages and cities have been subdivided from the original town of Clarence. In fact, in 1810 the town of Buffalo was subdivided from Clarence. That town of Buffalo went on to become the current city of Buffalo.

Originally, Clarence was a part of Genesee County, just after the Holland Purchase, as the town of Batavia. In 1821, Clarence and Willink became the two towns that comprised the newly formed Erie County. The town was named to honor Prince William, Duke of Clarence and St. Andrews (b. 1765, d. 1837). Prince William was the third son of King George III and went on to become King of England himself as William IV.

The first settler in the town of Clarence was Asa Ransom in 1799, whose name has been used for many locations in the area. In 1807 Asa Harris, an officer in the colonial forces of the American Revolution, founded a tavern in the community of Harris Hill in the southeast part of Clarence. Even the Buffalo Gazette briefly moved to Clarence, to avoid violence during the War of 1812.

The later history of Clarence is much the same as the rest of the region. Towards the end of the 1800s, industry dominated Clarence’s economy. Brick kilns, potash and gypsum mining all were industries established and thriving in Clarence at this time. Gypsum is widely used a fertilizer as well as being used in many types of plaster, blackboard chalk and wallboard. Potash is a type of potassium (and indeed where potassium gets its name) and is widely used as fertilizer as well.

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