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Rare Coin Dealer & Gold Jewelry Buyer in Buffalo, NY

Outright purchase of your current coin holdings for immediate cash payment. I will come to your home, office or bank if needed.

    • Liquidation of your coin collection (whether raw or certified) for an outright purchase or on consignment at an agreed upon commission rate.
    • Purchase of bullion related coins or bars
    • Appraisals of your current coin holdings at an hourly rate / free if I purchase the coins..
    • Submission of your raw (uncertified) coins to the major grading service of your choice for encapsulation and grading.
    • Private consultations at an hourly rate for any of the above or other reasons.
    • Offering privacy and confidentiality in all of your numismatic transactions.

Things I Buy: All U.S. silver dimes, quarters and halves 1964 and earlier, all silver dollars 1935 and earlier, Kennedy halves 1965-1970, all old coin albums, all gold coins U.S. and foreign, all U.S. mint sets, proof sets, commemoratives, silver and gold eagles, silver and gold bars, all key date U.S. coins, wheat pennies just to name a few.

“When knowledge & integrity matter most…deal with a name you can trust.”
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