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Eden, NY History

Town Seal of EdenEden, NY is one of the many Southtowns of Buffalo. It is the result of an 1812 partition of the now dissolved town of Willink, NY. Willink was a large area developed by the Holland Land Company and named after one of the original investors of that company, William Willink. The town of Willink disappeared over the middle decades of the 19th century as the land was subdivided into many different small towns. The village of Willink finally ceased to be in 1874 and was renamed East Aurora.

Eden’s naming history is unknown. The first settler was a man by the name of Samual Tubbs, who settled in the area around 1800. By 1812 the town had enough settlers to incorporate by partitioning land from Willink. Later, the towns of Evans and Hamburg subdivided from Eden. Eden was called “Hill’s Corners” until 1822.

In 1916 the Original American Kazoo Company was established. The company built a factory in Eden that still stands today. It is the only remaining metal kazoo factory in North America. Today the factory is in operation but has also become a museum, allowing visitors to watch the process at work on the restored equipment that still uses the same process and the same type of equipment as in the early 20th century.

The kazoo was invented in Macon, Georgia in the 1840s. A traveling salesman by the name of Emil Sorg brought the idea of manufacturing kazoos to Buffalo in about 1912. He teamed up with Buffalo’s Michael McIntyre, a tool and die maker. Together they developed the workflow to produce the kazoos. McIntyre moved to Eden, NY and help found a partnership with Harry Richardson, a metal forming plant owner. Eventually the demand for kazoos was so high the metal plant switched solely to kazoo production.

Classic Rarities – Rare Coins and Old Currency

History is rich in and around Buffalo. Classic Rarities serves the historic towns around Buffalo as well as maintains a shop in downtown Buffalo. We’re numismatic professionals–numismatics is the study and collection of historic currency and rare coins. A part of our job is knowing the history associated with the coins–and with our service area.

We hope you’ll come to us with your rare coin needs. We offer a variety of services. We’ll liquidate your coins by direct purchase or consignment, consult or appraise at an hourly rate or deal with the grading services on your behalf to get your coins or coin collections certified. We buy raw or certified coins and collection, as well as gold and silver eagles and bars and other bullion-related coins.

Please give us a call or send us an email to set up an appointment to come to our shop. We’ll also come to your home, bank or office by appointment. Think of Classic Rarities first for all your rare coin and currency needs!

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