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Classic Rarities – Numismatic Experts

Tonwanda Town SealNumismatics is the term for collection of rare coins and old currency. Classic Rarities is a numismatic service provider for the greater Buffalo area. Willard Magavern, the principal, has a personal interest and history of rare coin study for the majority of his life. Classic Rarities is an extension of that knowledge and passion.

We offer a variety of services. We consult on numismatic issues and provide appraisals by the hour. We are also wholesalers and will buy outright or consign coin or old currency collections. We buy individual coins and other bullion bars and gold eagles as well. We will also deal with the major grading services if you’re attempting to get your collection certified, as well as consult on same.

For the decades we’ve been numismatic experts in the Buffalo area, we’ve also found that a knowledge of history is a big part of the numismatic profession. We find, for many reasons, it pays to know a bit about our service area to help us better serve you.

Kenmore, NY – Classic Rarities Service Area

Kenmore is historically part of Tonawanda, NY. The village of Kenmore has been called “Buffalo’s First Suburb.” The man known as the “Father of Kenmore”, Louis Eberhardt, opposed a move to name the town “Eberhardt” after himself and instead appropriated the name of station built near the village on the Erie Railroad. The village’s logo contains a depiction of the Eberhardt Mansion in memory of his role. The mansion still stands today and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Eberhardt had bought and subdivided the farmland that became the village in 1888. Schools and churches began to be built shortly thereafter and a town began to form. In 1890 300 people called Kenmore home. By 1899 the village had enough residents to qualify for incorporation. 313 people signed the proposition seeking incorporation. An election followed and on September 5, 1899 the village of Kenmore was formed.

Kenmore’s prosperity is largely due to the rise of the electric streetcar. The streetcars allowed workers to live outside walking distance to their jobs, enabling the development of the first suburbs — of which Kenmore is certainly one. Kenmore today is one of the country’s 100 most densely populated incorporated places. Several different organizations have rated Kenmore as a one of the best neighborhoods in western New York.

Classic Rarities is proud to serve the historic neighborhood of Kenmore. Should a piece of Kenmore’s numismatic history be discovered or a resident of Kenmore need the consultation of a rare coin expert, we hope Classic Rarities will be the first choice.

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