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North Tonawanda, NY Coin Dealer

Our Business

North Tonawanda SealClassic Rarities is a wholesale coin dealer serving western New York state. We buy all U.S. silver dimes, quarters and halves 1964 and earlier, all silver dollars 1935 and earlier, Kennedy halves 1965-1970, all old coin albums, all gold coins U.S. and foreign, all U.S. mint sets, proof sets, commemoratives, silver and gold eagles, silver and gold bars, all key date U.S. coins, wheat pennies and more.

We also offer a variety of numismatic services. Liquidation of coin collections (raw or certified) through direct purchase or consignment on commission, purchase of bullion-related coins or bars, appraisals of coin holdings at an hourly rate (or free if we purchase the coins), submission of coins to the major grading service of your choice, and private consultations at an hourly rate for any related topic. In all transactions we protect your privacy and confidentiality. It’s important to us to maintain healthy, honest relationships with all our customers.

North Tonawanda

Our service area includes the Lumber City, North Tonawanda, NY. North Tonawanda is a city rich in history, part of the greater Buffalo area. Founded along Tonawanda Creek, which later became the Erie Canal, the town was first settled as early as 1809. With over 200 years of settled history, North Tonawanda is undoubtedly home to many undiscovered rare coins and other artifacts.

North Tonawanda’s 19th and 20th century industrial success created many large estates, mansions, and historic families. The historic rise of North Tonawanda started with the Lumber Barons in the 19th century, whose estates still line Goundry Street. The town is also the birthplace of the The Allan Herschell Company, a historic manufacturer of early 20th century carousels and roller coasters. Also founded in North Tonawanda was the North Tonawanda Barrel Organ Factory, later bought by Wurlitzer, one of the largest manufacturers of musical equipment in the world.

Our Service Area

In service to the many estates and historic families in North Tonawanda, Classic Rarities will gladly do on site appraisals and purchases at any home, bank or office in town. Our knowledge of the greater Buffalo area will help us determine more accurately the value of your coins and old currency. Should you prefer to bring your coins to our shop, it’s a short drive from North Tonawanda to Buffalo and we would be happy to schedule an appointment to provide any numismatic service you might need.

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