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Erie County SealClassic Rarities provides numismatic services to the metropolitan Buffalo area. Anywhere in the greater Buffalo region, by appointment, Classic Rarities will provide consulting, purchasing and appraisal services. Oft-served locations include customer’s offices, homes or banks. Please give us a call and consult with us about consigning or selling your coins or old currency. If you prefer to visit us at our shop, call to set up an appointment. We’re right in the heart of Buffalo.

Coin and Old Currency Services

Classic Rarities specializes in Numismatics–the study and collection of old currency. Not only is it our business but it’s also a personal interest. We’re also currency wholesalers, knowledgeable and networked to buy or help sell your collections of old currency. We can and will consult with any interested parties on matters of numismatic interest as well, with confidentiality and respect for your privacy, at an hourly rate.

Coin albums, US mint sets, proof sets and commemorative coin sets are all of interest to us and silver and gold eagles and bars also. We will also purchase individual coins of certain value as well — Wheat pennies, all gold coins both foreign and US, Silver dimes, quarters and half-dollars before 1964, Silver dollars before 1935 and Kennedy half dollars 1965-70, just to name a few. We are knowledgeable about local history and that helps us serve you, no matter where you live in the greater Buffalo area.

Local History – Orchard Park

As an old currency dealer, we find that coupled with our knowledge of numismatics it’s important to be knowledgeable about US history as well, especially inside our service area. One of the many towns in our service area and the orbit of Buffalo is Orchard Park, NY.

Orchard Park started as a small cabin in the southwest corner of the current township in 1803, built by Didymus C. Kinney and wife Phebe (Hartwell). The cabin has since been turned into a museum. The following year, a large migration of Quakers began and the town really got its full start.

In 1850 the township, having grown into Hamburg, NY, split and briefly was named Ellicott. Months later, it was renamed East Hamburg. That name stuck until 1934 when the final and current name change of the township designated it Orchard Park, which matches the village at the core of the township. In the early 1900s a large fire burned a part of the village of Orchard Park, around South Buffalo Street.

The historic Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway Station is in Orchard Park. Constructed in 1911, this railway station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It provided passenger service until the 1950s and served freight trains until 1979.

The largest park in Erie county, Chestnut Ridge Park, is in Orchard Park. Originally named for the Chestnut trees on the highest ridge in the park, the land was acquired by the Parks department in 1926, one of the first parks established by the county. Much of the improvements in the park were built by the WPA in the 1930s.

We’re happy to serve Orchard Park, just as many of the other Southtowns and Northtowns of Buffalo, and to share our knowledge of local history. Classic Rarities strives to be the first dealer you seek when it comes time to evaluate, sell or consign your historic coins and currency.

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