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Classic Rarities, Coin and Currency Specialists

Tonwanda Town SealClassic Rarities is Buffalo’s premier rare coin and currency wholesaler and consultant service. While our shop is located in Buffalo, we have a service area that includes most of the Buffalo metropolitan area. By appointment you can come to us at our shop in Buffalo or we can come to your home, bank or office. In every interaction, you can trust us to protect and preserve your privacy and confidentiality.

We provide many services. We can buy your rare coins and collections outright or take them for consignment. We can appraise your coin collection or handle it on your behalf for certification. We also purchase single rare coins of certain types, commemorative coin sets, gold and silver bars and eagles and other bullion-related items. We can also consult for an hourly fee on any numismatic matter.

Numismatics — the study and collection of old currency — is our specialty. History is a big part of Numismatics and we find it helps us serve our area better by being knowledgeable about local history.

Serving Historic Tonawanda, NY

The area of Tonawanda prior to the mid 18th century was under French control, though largely unsettled. After the French and Indian War, Tonawanda’s territory was ceded to the British. After the American Revolution, settlers began to colonize the area. The first settlers arrived around 1805. In 1808 Henry Anguish, one of the first settlers, built a log home where the city of Tonawanda now lies.

Tonawanda’s growth was slow until the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825, then began the town’s boom time. The town had enough citizens to incorporate in 1836. Tonawanda’s economic growth was driven by a lumber processing center surrounding the canal in town. Both sides of the canal were filled with businesses that served the lumber industry. The concentrated business center around the canal was briefly incorporated as a village, then combined with North Tonawanda across the canal. By 1904 the incorporated villages had failed to mature and the city of Tonawanda was instead formed.

The canal was a large part of Tonawanda’s history. Where the canal, Tonawanda Creek and the Niagara River met was a three-sided manmade island known as Goose Island. Goose Island was a popular spot among the seamen that traversed the canal — the prostitution on the island as well as the bars and other attractions made for a wintering spot for many seamen. As the lumbering business of Tonawanda declined, so did Goose Island. The section of the canal from Tonawanda to Buffalo was abandoned in 1918 and shortly after the canal was filled in. Goose Island ceased to be an island. Today, Goose island has been gentrified and its storied maritime past has ceased to be apparent.

Tonawanda, both city and town, are within Classic Rarities service area. Should you live or do business in Tonawanda and require help with your rare coins or old currency, please send us an email or give us a call.

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