Top Rare Coin Dealer Buffalo, New York

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Buffalo, New York’s Top Professional Numismatist John Magavern of Classic Rarities, LLC is always buying old rare U.S. coins and collections. It doesn’t matter if your collection is very large or small I buy all U.S. coins with a premium greater than their face value. My primary focus is on U.S. coins but also buy some Canadian and all world gold coins. All dimes, quarters and half dollars 1964 and earlier, as well as Kennedy halves between 1965-1970. Mint and Proof sets as well as commemorative coins and sets from the U.S Mint, all rare or Key date coins along with any gold coin. We also buy gold and silver bullion coins and bars as well. Please call for an appointment today. Life member of the American Numismatic Association as well as numerous other local and national organizations. 30+ years active in Numismatics. 716-863-9099banner2 IMG_0544